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Hi, I'm Gordon Williams, a Podiatrist and foot health enthusiast with over 20 years clinical experience. I'm keen to help you solve your footcare problems by providing insights and solutions to a variety of foot related issues.
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Heel pain 101: get back to pain free standing, walking and running

Foot pain and specifically heel pain is one of the most frustrating conditions a person can experience.
If it were up to me you wouldn't have to deal with it at all, so I've been working really hard over here to come up with a brand new course to get you back to full function.

"Hobble in the morning when getting out of bed?"

No-one deserves to start their day like this. That's why I created the Heel Pain 101 course - "Ten steps to tackle heel pain".

I look forward to presenting this course to you and give you the plan and tools to work towards pain free standing, walking and running.

Heel Pain 101 course - "Ten steps to tackle heel pain".

This 10 chapter course will take you through the A-Z of plantar heel pain with video demonstrations and information.
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Gordon's knowledge and enthusiasm shines through and I can't thank him enough for all he's done to help me ( and my feet!)
Graham Morrison

Heel pain 101: Ten steps to tackle your heel pain

A step by step programme to help you get back to pain-free standing, walking and running.
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Foot strengthening 101: First steps to a firm foundation

A thorough course covering both weightbearing and non-weightbearing foot exercises.
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Plantar Heel Pain checklist of 7 things you need to be doing

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Heel pain 101

A comprehensive 101 course presented by Gordon Williams to help manage your heel pain.

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Foot strengthening 101

This foundation course covers 16 foot and ankle strengthening exercises
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